Getting Ready for the Fencing Season: Training

Resources for planning and measuring your fitness and training for the 2015-2016 fencing season. Now that all of the schedules for the North American Cup (NAC), Regional Open Circuit (ROC) and Super Youth Circuit (SYC) events are complete, most fencers and families will be working out their schedules to map out how the rest of […]

Epee Footwork Series – Controlling Distance

Video series with Seth Baldwin and Cody Mattern on epee footwork. In this series, Seth Baldwin and Cody Mattern demonstrate the most effective drills for learning to assess and control distance.

Stab those Agility Cones – Fencing Drill (Video)

Check out this video from Facebook of a drill from a club in Russia: Post by Fencing.Net.

The Fencing Coach’s Guide to Team Relay Fencing (Part 1)

There are few forms of fencing more exciting to watch (or partake in) than a team relay match. From the collective team energy to the joy of seeing a team act as a homogeneous unit, team fencing is, in my opinion, the most fun fencing can get. While team tournaments are a rarity at the […]

The Fencing Coach Code of Honor

Fencers Code

The other day, I was fencing at a tournament at the Maryland Fencing Club, and noticed that the salle’s head coach, Greg Paye had placed the Desiderata displayed on his wall. As I waited to be called for my direct elimination matches, I read through the Desiderata a few times, soaking in the words and […]

You Know You’re Going to Lose

This weekend I faced a teaching moment that came from an unlikely place. My sons were all taking turns at a video game. My oldest was playing his turn and was behind by two scores with the clock winding down. His younger brother commented (a couple of times) “you’re going to lose”. It wasn’t said […]

What is a Simple Attack?

Here’s a video from the 1992 Coaches College where coach Ron Miller leads a lecture on the simple attack.

Using Non-Combativity as a Tactic

In the 2012 Milwaukee Division I Men’s Epee NAC, Benjamin Wieder was facing Jimmy Moody in the round of 32. Moody secured a 4-5 touch lead at the end of period one. Entering period 2, Moody proceeded to withdraw his blade from reach, fully understanding that Wieder’s forte was in his blade work. Wieder desperately […]

From the Archives: Kogler Epee Traning Documents

Fencing - Epee Training

Someone looking through some of our older forum threads for epee training information brought up a set of documents from a training camp in the 80s: I am looking for a copy of an old epee manual and lesson plan that was written by Aladar (Kogler) back in the mid-80’s (or so). A few years […]

Yale Researchers affirm the Hot Hand in Sports

Having a “hot hand”, going on a run, being “on fire”. Across all sports there are examples where an athlete seems to suddenly be unstoppable – hitting every action, or nailing every shot from the field. The idea of the “hot hand” in sports is something widely believed, but there has not been any scientific or statistical proof to back it up.

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