Fencing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Guide

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are coming up soon, and information is getting slowly released to the public. If you’re intending on going and want to see some of the top tier fencing, we’ve put this guide together for you. Because the information is going to be changing over time, we will be constantly updating this page over time, and likewise some of the information on this page might be slightly out of date on occasion. We consider this a starting point to your Olympic Fencing experience, not an explicit how-to.

Fencing in the Olympics

2020 Tokyo Olympics Logo

Fencing has a long history in the Olympic Games. Below is a quick reference on the history and modern topics.

Key Dates

May 9 2019 – Lottery application period begins on CoSport
May 31 2019 – Lottery application period closes
June 20 2019 – Lottery results published
June 26 2019 – Lottery ticket purchases must be made
June 27 2019 – First-come-first-served ticket sales start
Spring 2020 – Last-minute ticket sales start
March 26 2020 – Olympic Torch Relay
July 24 2020 – Opening Ceremonies
July 25 2020 – Fencing events begin
August 2 2020 – Fencing events end

Tokyo 2020 Detailed Fencing Schedule

Tokyo 2020 will be the first Olympics where every event will be contested! Historically, as the sport added women’s events to match the men’s events, the medal count granted to fencing was never increased. 2020 will be the first year in which an increase was granted, giving us full medal representation for all fencing events for both men and women.

DateMen’s EventWomen’s Event
Saturday, July 25SaberEpee
Sunday, July 26EpeeFoil
Monday, July 27FoilSaber
Tuesday, July 28Epee Team
Wednesday, July 29Saber Team
Thursday, July 30Foil Team
Friday, July 31Epee Team
Saturday, August 1Saber Team
Sunday, August 2Foil Team

Tokyo 2020 Fencing Tickets

The ticket raffle is currently available through CoSport. Ticket requests are open until May 31, 2019.

Public first-come-first-served ticket purchases will be available June 27, 2019, also through CoSport.

Makuhari Messe – Fencing Venue

Makuhari Messe is one of Japan’s largest convention centers at about 855,000 square feet and will also be playing host to taekwondo, karate, and wrestling in the 2020 Games.

The venue is located in the north-western part of Chiba, which is east of Tokyo and a little bit out of the way from most of the other venues. The location offers its own pros and cons. For example, it being a bit further away from the center of action will likely make the experience a bit easier and less crowded for those who are just going to be attending for fencing, but is further away for those who aren’t. If you don’t mind staying further from the center of the action, staying in cities like Chiba and Narita are much more viable and likely less expensive options.

Getting there by rail from Tokyo Station will take you roughly 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the rail company and the line. Tokyo has multiple companies that service above and below ground rail options. The route options they provide will vary, with some being express trains that stop at fewer stations, and some being more local transit options, stopping more frequently and taking longer.

Hotel Options and Alternatives Near Makuhari Messe

Most hotel options will not be available until roughly 1 year before the event dates. However, if you want to book extra early, Airbnb options are available extra early at the moment. More info can be found below.

Airbnb Options for Tokyo 2020

If you use the following link before you book your accommodations, you’ll save up to $55: Airbnb $55 Credit

We’ll attempt to keep this list of rooms up to date, but they are all hand selected, so they may be booked rapidly and consequently the list might be a bit out of date.

The following options are all Superhosts, which means they will be penalized if they cancel reservations once they’re approved, giving you a bit more safety. Additionally, they are a mix of Hostels, Homes, and Entire Apartments that are all currently below $500/night and available for the entire length of the Fencing events.

Hotel Options For Tokyo 2020

Official packages for Tokyo 2020

The map below will populate once hotel options are available.


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