Fencing Ref: Being a Referee

IMF-PanAm Senior World Championship Cancun 2012 ©AmyA.Timacheff/FIE/FencingPhotos.com

The Fencing Ref Welcome to the new column The Fencing Ref where we will explore a variety of issues that referees deal with. There will also be hints, tips and suggestions for referees of all levels. Refereeing is arguably one of the most difficult jobs that people take on, second only to parenting or possibly […]

Making the call – Attacks in Foil

fencing referee hand signal for on guard or en garde

This particular call is hard. It further demonstrates the danger of only watching one fencer and looking for a mistake.

New FIE Rule for Fencing Masks

As of September 1st, 2014 fencers at FIE competitions will need to adhere to the new ruling on fencing masks needing two independent security devices. This was already discussed in the Armory section of the Forums when Alex Paul posted a FAQ on the new mask rule and how it impacts the current masks. The […]

New Rules in Effect

USA Fencing has adopted the recent rule changes made by the FIE as of April 1. These changes are now in effect: · Simple corps-a-corps in foil and saber is no longer a group 1 offense. When there is a simple corps-a-corps, halt should be called, and the fencers placed back on guard. Corps-a-corps to […]

Fencing Rules Changes – March

US Fencing approved rules changes to follow along with the rules changes in FIE events. Among the largest change is the codification of a black card (ejection) for insulting or threatening a referee. While we’ve always thought that those actions should be dealt with severely, the specific mention provides referees with a great deal more […]

Foil Mask Rules for the 2012-2013 Fencing Season

August 1, 2012 marks the first day of the new foil target ruling applying to all levels of competition.

Division IA Qualification Paths for 2011-2012 the ROC Edition

ROC of Mythology

The 2011-2012 fencing season brings new qualification paths for the Division I-A Summer Nationals events in Dallas, TX. Now the Regional Open Circuit (ROC) events are the main qualification path.  Some paths have seen small changes while others have been closed completely. Here is a summary of how to qualify for this event this season. […]

Foil Mask Rules for 2011-2012 Fencing Season

What is the target area in foil for the upcoming fencing season?  Will I need to purchase a mask with the foil bib as target for my events? At the FIE level the rule is already in place that a portion of the foil bib is now part of the target area.  During the upcoming […]

Epee: You Make the Call

Epee Make the Call Video Thumbnail

Here’s a video clip shared on the forums by FIE referee David Baker.  Take a look at the clip and then think: should you award the touch to the fencer on the left. It’s recommended to watch the video full scree in 720p if you’ve got the bandwidth. Context: The is the final minute of […]

Video Replay – Nobody can hear you scream

Fencing Video replay system in use at US Fencing events

An overview of the video replay system being used at USA Fencing’s North American Cup events. Just how does replay work, what can you do, and why you shouldn’t ask for a review on parry-riposte calls.

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