Cerioni Steps Down as Russia’s Foil Coach

Cerioni out as Russia's Foil Coach

Big news on the world fencing scene today as Stefano Cerioni has stepped down as the head coach for Russia’s Foil Fencing program and his coaching staff has departed with him. Cerioni led a successful program while in Russia with the following accomplishments: 2016 Olympics – Gold medal – Men’s Team Foil 2016 Olympics – […]

2016 Fencing Grand Prix Circuit Kicks Off in Torino

The FIE Foil Grand Prix series kicks off this weekend in Turin where Alexander Massialas is expected to be in contention for a medal. FIE Release: The FGP Series features three Grand Prix in each of the three weapons – foil, epee and sabre – and visits nine iconic cities around the world. Next month […]

FIE Extends Russian Box of Death “Test”

fie russian box of death test extended

Reporting from the FIE Congress in Moscow: “The FIE has appointed a group of sabre experts (from a range of countries) to observe the testing of the new sabre en garde line and obtain feedback from athletes, coaches and referees at these events. This group will prepare a report which will be considered by the […]

Fencing Visualized – New Video from Yuki Ota

more enjoy fencing video by Yuki Ota

Yuki Ota was just elected to the FIE Executive Committee. Hopefully he continues the Fencing Visualized project as this kind of technology makes fencing even better to watch for the uninitiated and can produce some cool videos to recruit new fencers. In this video, “More Enjoy Fencing”, Ota breaks down epee, foil, and sabres showing […]

Miles Chamley-Watson Wins Tokyo World Cup

Miles Chamley-Watson victory

Miles Chamley-Watson defeated Giorgio Avola (ITA) 15-10 to win the Prince Takamando Men’s Foil World Cup in Tokyo, Japan. This is Chamley-Watson’s first medal finish of the new season and his second time to the top-8. The Prince Takamando World Cup is the second event in the FIE Men’s Foil circuit. Chamley-Watson was joined in […]

The Closing Ceremonies: Life after Fencing in the Olympics

Rio Olympics Closing Ceremonies

Sunday evening saw the 2016 Olympics draw to a close, with athletes from all over the world flooding into the Maracanã stadium for the final celebration in Rio. As expected, the event exuded a different energy than the Opening ceremonies, which can sometimes feel tense and formal in the host country’s effort to mark the historic importance of the Games. Closing ceremonies, on the other hand, are much more relaxed with athletes joyfully reveling in the spirit of one of the greatest parties on earth.

Michelle Obama gets fencing lesson from Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad

Michelle Obama got a fencing lesson from Team USA Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad at the 100 Days to Rio event held in Times Square, NYC. Now that both Michelle and Barack Obama have learned some fencing from Olympians, when do we get to see them duel? NEW YORK (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama wrapped up […]

How to Earn a Rating at a Fencing Tournament

Craig Harkins Epee 2008

I recently answered a question about earning a rating over on Quora. Here’s some of the response that I gave: Instead of focusing on your rating, which is a “high water mark” type of measurement, it’s best to focus on individual goals for each tournament. When I’m at a fencing tournament I have a desire […]

Fencing and Motion Capture – Fencing Visualized Project [Video]

Yuki Ota motion capture

This motion capture example from Yuki Ota could be the future of fencing on television: The video looks to be the latest in a project on motion capture and pattern recognition in fencing, at least from piecing together what’s available in a couple of the YouTube videos released. Discussion continues in the forums. In late […]

Aladar Gerevich Named 6th Greatest Olympian Ever

Hungarian fencer Aladar Gerevich

According to a new infographic, Hungarian fencer Aladar Gerevich is the 6th greatest Olympian ever. Taking into criteria such as the total number of medals, gold medals, individual gold medals, win percentage and the number of Olympic events competed in, Gerevich came out top over household names such as Usain Bolt

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