Adidas D’Artagnan V Fencing Shoes – Coming in January 2017

Adidas D'Artagnan V fencing shoe

Adidas is releasing another version of the fencer-favorite D’Artagnan line with the 5th version of the shoe launching in January 2017. There’s little information on the specs of the shoe as doesn’t have much of a product description up yet, just some photos to whet your appetite for some new fencing kicks. These don’t […]

Adidas 2016 Fencing Shoe

Outside view of the Fencing Pro 16

Each Olympics Adidas introduces a new fencing shoe. This consistent product delivery has fencers looking forward to Olympic years to see what Adidas will come up with next. The Rio Olympics are no exception as German equipment provider AllStar now has a new model of Adidas Fencing Shoe up on their site. This one is […]

New Epee Point Screw Reviewed!

We received our copy of American Fencing magazine and saw that Ben Bratton had written up a review of the NEPS screws and driver that he tried out. For those that don’t receive American Fencing, you can read the version that Ben posted to his blog. Once you’ve read that and decided that you want […]

Leon Paul Evolution Grip

This looks interesting.  Sugru allows for molding of the pistol grip to just the exact shape that you want.  This is an evolution from the rubber piece featured on the Golubitsky-Pro pistol grip and a smart idea. I also like the packaging – Leon Paul is taking a page from Apple on the out of […]

New Product: NEPS Epee Point Screws

NEPS - New Epee Point Screws

This is a pretty cool new product that came across the Armory Section of the Fencing.Net Forums.  An engineer in Spain had come up with a new epee point screw that was compatible with the existing epee tips but designed to be longer lasting and to hold into epee tips better than the current grub […]

Adidas High Top Shoes on Sale

Clearance sale of the 2004 Adidas Adistar high top fencing shoe. A decent shoe that sold for as much as $260 when it first came out, now available for only $99 for a limited time.

Announcing the Nike Air Ballestra for Pre-Orders

The Long awaited fencing shoe: Nike Ballestra

The Nike Air Ballestras are coming in 2010! Fencing.Net is carrying them and the Ballestras are now available for pre-order to ship in late July 2010. Limited sizing runs available and all shipments will be first come, first served.

Creating the Nike Ballestra Fencing Shoes

As part of the Nike branding launch for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, created a nice multimedia press site highlighting the various products that were launching at the Olympics. One of the products was the Ballestra, the fencing shoe designed by Nike with input from world class fencers.

More on the Nike Ballestra

Rumors have shown up on the Fencing Discussion board that Nike had decided to halt production of the new fencing shoe, the Ballestra, and only supply them to the fencers at the Olympic Games. So, what is the story on the Nike fencing shoe and how can you get one? We called our contact at […]

Nike Fencing Shoes – Comments

Since the original story about the upcoming release of the Nike fencing shoe (the Ballestra), we’ve received several comments from fencers who have read about the shoes or seen them at one of the events. We received several comments at the NAC and via email concerning the arch support of the Nike Ballestra.

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