FIE Sabre Gloves – Required for US Fencing – Our Guide

Sabre fencers must have the FIE glove by October 1st USA Fencing has announced on July 24th 2015 that 800N Saber gloves are mandatory for all USA Fencing sanctioned tournaments starting October 1st, 2015. Since all sabre fencers now must have the new glove, and the season starts on August 1st, the time to order […]

Uses for Old Fencing Blades – Tomato Stakes

Got a bunch of old fencing blades that you haven’t left at the club or thrown out yet? Go ahead and take them to your garden: Post by Mid-South Fencers Club. What other uses for old fencing blades do you have?

How To: Make a Hard Blade Cover

epee hard blade cover

Over the past few years the hard blade cover has become a staple for a large number of fencers. Whether it’s to protect blades against the baggage handlers who view the burst rate specifications on materials as a challenge or a way to keep the shiny metal off of sweaty uniforms we’re not entirely sure. […]

Epee Assembly – Do it Legally for Summer Nationals

UPDATE – May 2016: The FOC has finally seen reason and reverted their position on the mousehole wiring and issued a statement to that effect: Effective immediately, there is a change in the acceptable way one may wire an epee.  In a post to the FOC site in 2013 it was stated that the wires may […]

A Guide to Body Cord Plugs and Sockets

German Body Cord 2 Pin Plug

One common asked question is what are the different types of body cords and which is better.  While many people approach this with an almost religious fervor, the simple fact is that there are several different types of body cords, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. German Style Body Cords The German style […]

Two kinda obscure foil point problems

Prieur Foil Tip

Okay—you’re at wit’s end. The problem showed up when you were fencing, but not when you tried to reproduce it on strip during a halt, and you can’t seem to find anything when you checking out the foil later on. You’re tempted to say ‘screw it’ and do a rewire with new point parts, but […]

Wiring Blades: A DIY Guide

This article leads you through the step by step process of rewiring a foil or epee blade. While quite a complex undertaking, this guide breaks down rewiring a blade into easy step by step tasks.

Epee Troubleshooting

Basic troubleshooting guide for electric epee.

Foil Troubleshooting

Basic troubleshooting procedures for the most common problems in dealing with electric foil fencing.

Rewiring a Foil Blade

Question: The wire in my electric foil has been pulled out. I’ve been told to bend the sword, apply glue and press the wire back into the groove. Is there a certain type of glue that is best to use? Is this all I have to do or are there certain pitfalls I need to […]

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