Fencing Equipment Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide to Fencing Equipment

You’ve tried it, you love it, now it’s time to buy your own fencing gear. What should you buy and how much should you pay? Many clubs will lend you equipment when you are just starting and doing a beginner course. Once you’ve completed the course, and are hooked, you will be encouraged to buy […]

Adidas 2016 Fencing Shoe

Outside view of the Fencing Pro 16

Each Olympics Adidas introduces a new fencing shoe. This consistent product delivery has fencers looking forward to Olympic years to see what Adidas will come up with next. The Rio Olympics are no exception as German equipment provider AllStar now has a new model of Adidas Fencing Shoe up on their site. This one is […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Fencing Masks

fencing mask guide www.fencing.net

How to choose the best fencing mask for you? Are all fencing masks made alike? Know your needs and how to evaluate your options before making a plunge. Kinds of Masks Fencing masks are not all made alike. Before even addressing quality issues and reliability, you must decide what kind of mask you need. Masks exist for […]

How to Clean a Fencing Mask


Over time, and many bouts of use, you may notice that your fencing mask has a bit of a stench to it. It’s time to figure out how to clean your mask, or to plug up your nose while fencing! All fencing gear gets sweaty, but a fencing mask isn’t something that you can just […]

FIE Sabre Gloves – Required for US Fencing – Our Guide

Sabre Fencing Glove

Sabre fencers must have the FIE glove by October 1st USA Fencing has announced on July 24th 2015 that 800N Saber gloves are mandatory for all USA Fencing sanctioned tournaments starting October 1st, 2015. Since all sabre fencers now must have the new glove, and the season starts on August 1st, the time to order […]

Uses for Old Fencing Blades – Tomato Stakes

sabre blade plant stake

Got a bunch of old fencing blades that you haven’t left at the club or thrown out yet? Go ahead and take them to your garden: Post by Mid-South Fencers Club. What other uses for old fencing blades do you have?

How To: Make a Hard Blade Cover

epee hard blade cover

Over the past few years the hard blade cover has become a staple for a large number of fencers. Whether it’s to protect blades against the baggage handlers who view the burst rate specifications on materials as a challenge or a way to keep the shiny metal off of sweaty uniforms we’re not entirely sure. […]

Epee Assembly – Do it Legally for Summer Nationals

Legal Epee

UPDATE – May 2016: The FOC has finally seen reason and reverted their position on the mousehole wiring and issued a statement to that effect: Effective immediately, there is a change in the acceptable way one may wire an epee.  In a post to the FOC site in 2013 it was stated that the wires may […]

New Epee Point Screw Reviewed!

The NEPS screws and driver kit.

We received our copy of American Fencing magazine and saw that Ben Bratton had written up a review of the NEPS screws and driver that he tried out. For those that don’t receive American Fencing, you can read the version that Ben posted to his blog. Once you’ve read that and decided that you want […]

Buying Youth Fencing Shoes

Asics Junior Gel Rocket

Confused about what shoes to buy your child for their fencing classes? Take a look at our guide to purchasing shoes for your youth fencer. We’ll break down a few of our finds to fit those kids with feet smaller than the normal range of regular fencing shoes.

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