What type of grip for foil?

Discussion in 'Parent's Corner' started by MarylandFencingMom, Apr 12, 2015.

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    So my son would like to try a different grip. He's a foil fencer and he's used a French grip for 2 years now. He's the only fencer in Y10 tournaments who uses a French grip. Any suggestions on where to start? He says his hand gets tired after a while. Not knowing anything about fencing, I can see what he means since his fist is so small on the French grip and it seems heavy to me. Thanks in advance!
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    First recommendation - talk to his coach (as is often the case). He or she probably know your son better than random people on the internet.

    Second recommendation - have him talk to clubmates about the grips they use, maybe even try them to see how they feel to him. Pistol grips come in many different shapes and sizes, and what feels miserable to one person may feel outstanding to someone else.

    Third recommendation - go to a large event where a vendor will be present (too bad the CBO was two weeks ago - that would have been a good opportunity). Many vendors will have different grips on display.

    Fourth, avoid choosing a grip which fills his hand entirely - that can often lead to developing a death grip, leaving no room for finger control (many people actually choose a slightly smaller grip than they feel comfortable with specifically for this reason).

    Finally, realize that taste in grips can change as people gain experience (and in the case of your son, simply brow). Fortunately grips aren't that difficult to swap out if you (or he) decide that something different is required.

    edit: Having said all that, odds are that he'll end up choosing a small Viscount, if only because it's probably the most widely available in a range of sizes.
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    Visconti grip.

    Our daughter who's 9 uses the smallest sized Visconti grip (sometime labelled "mini", one size smaller than "small").

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