Video fencing game (not yet, but soon?)

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    Kickass Kung Fu is a video-game in which you use real martial-arts moves to control an on-screen kung-fu fighter in order to best both human and AI opponents.

    The game takes place on a 5 meter cushioned playfield suitable for martial arts and acrobatics training. Using custom computer vision technology, you are taken inside an artificial reality where the normal laws of physics no longer apply. Your movements are exaggerated so that you can easily dodge your opponent's bullets by jumping five meters in the air and landing behind his back. Using the dual projected screens, one at each end of the playfield, you can also continue by counter-attacking your stupefied enemy from the behind.


    Can sport fencing be far behind?

    More than likely, they would design a more generic sword-slashing phantasy game -- ala longswords vs. orcs. But the potential is hovering right over the horizon. Just combine the footpad with some sort of sensor-tech at the end of an epee...

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