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Discussion in 'USA Veteran Fencing' started by sme321, Jun 10, 2017.

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    Men, Vet 40s. Focusing on foil for now, but I still pick up an epee sometimes. To saber, I go not. Joined a fencing class in 1991 through the local park district. Started competing foil in 1992. I have 15 - 20 years of experience since then. I fenced off-and-on during college and then a couple of 3- to 5-year breaks with no fencing at all after I graduated. I've done some assistant coaching. I referee from time to time but rarely nationally.

    I returned from my most recent hiatus about 5 years ago. I'm currently just focused on competing, but I've been mostly not competing since April 2017 because of work. I am currently fencing with Mid-South Fencers in North Carolina.

    I've been posting to for quite some time, too. :)
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    50-year old primarily foil (C rated) but also epee occasionally. Started at 13 under Mark Holbrow, Bucks County Academy of Fencing. Fenced at Vassar College, went to grad school in Wisconsin, fenced regionally, gave up grad school, married, went to grad school again and continued to fence, enjoyed the primarily adult league in DC as a lawyer and fencer, lived minutes from Virginia Academy of Fencing. Moved back to Philly region and still fenced but now with the geezers league of gentlefolk. Splitting my time among numerous clubs to get diverse fencing in. Sticking mostly to Vet tourneys now. Totally addicted to this sport, as my loving and tolerant spouse can attest. I have two teens now, one of whom also fences, which warms the cockles of my heart.
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    60 year old male. Been fencing 20 years this time around. Almost always epee, however, recent improvements in health and conditioning might compel me to pick up a saber (just for fun, but it was my first weapon, long, long ago) Also referee, coach and armorer. In PA just over the river from NJ.
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    Apr 10, 2018
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    Kids... (Sigh...)
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    Aug 5, 2014
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    Started fencing 2014 at age 49.
    I wanted to fence since I went to French camp in the 80's.
    But there wasn't really anyplace to do it where I lived.
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    Seem to have weird problems with posts getting lost. VET70 men's epee. Where I grew up, west Tennessee, fencing consisted of wire and wooden posts. Started fencing foil at age 54. Soon switched to epee and the dark side. Didn't really start competing until my 60's. Made the VET world team 5 times so far in epee, twice in my 60's and 3 times in my 70's. Highest win was a 3rd place in Debrecen, Hungry in 2014 which made me #1 in the US for the rest of that year. In 2016 I won an "A" classification which at the time made me the oldest "A" in men's epee (I believe). Last couple of years I've been fighting age discrimination ;) in the national team selection process. This year it was a combination of stupid errors, failing to call for my blade to be tested before accepting a loss at the Dec NAC and then losing track of the points in April NAC. I attended coaches college a couple of times and worked as a developmental coach at UC Berkeley for, I say 6 years and they acknowledge 4. So whats a couple of years. Served as Division chair in Northern Calif for several years and more recently was executive director for The Fencing Center in San Jose. At the moment I'm expanding my interests in VET fencing to include coaching specific issues. Truthfully (aren't we all telling the truth here) I'd rather be a competitor than a coach but hope to stay associated with the game as long as I can. Some of my posts are in support of my interests in seeing VET fencing grow.
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    Same for me vis-a-vis reffing.

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