US Fencing Team For 2002 World Championships

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    US Fencing Team For 2002 World Championships

    The U.S. Fencing Association has selected the team that will represent the United States at the 2002 Senior World Championships, August 17-23 in Lisbon, Portugal.

    The World Championships, held annually except in the year of the Olympic Games, is the competition concluding a full year of World Cup competitions. Fencers are seeded on the basis of rankings earned on the World Cup circuit over the season.

    Four fencers have been selected in each of six weapons - men’s epee, foil and sabre and women’s epee, foil and sabre. Those athletes will compete in the individual and team events.

    This year’s team has significant depth and experience with four U.S. fencers ranked in the top-16 of the World Cup rankings, and 19 of the 24 veterans of at least one prior Senior World Championships.

    A mixed sabre team competition will be included this year for the first time. Two men and two women will compete from the top eight countries. The U.S. team is seeded 7th. The men will fence each other and the women will fence each other, in a relay team format for a maximum number of bouts of 8 and total score for the winner of 40. The bouts will alternate between the men and women with a toss of the coin to decide which will fence first, men’s bout or women’s bout. This event is being considered as a possible Olympic team format for the 2008 Olympic Games.


    Olympians: Three Olympians are among those selected for the 2002 team. Iris Zimmermann (21, Rochester, N.Y., '00) will fence women’s foil; Akhnaten Spencer-El (23, New York, N.Y., '00) and Keeth Smart (23, New York, N.Y., '00) will fence men’s sabre. Iris Zimmermann won the bronze individual medal at the 1999 World Championships, won the gold medal at the 2000 World Junior Championships, and was a member of the bronze medal women’s foil team in 2001.

    Age Range: The team ranges in age from 15 to 38, with Emily Cross, women's foil, as the youngest and Chris Becker, 38, women's sabre, the oldest.

    Women's Sabre: The latest event to be added to the program of the Senior World Championships is women's sabre. A demonstration event was held in 1998, with one fencer representing each country and Team USA's Kelly Williams taking the silver medal. In 2000, the U.S. Women's Sabre team won the U.S.'s first gold medal in a world championship team event. Members of that team were Christine Becker, Sada Jacobson, Mariel Zagunis, Nicole Mustilli. In 2001, Mariel Zagunis (17, Beaverton, Ore.), became the first U.S. fencer to capture four World Championship titles: 2000 gold by team, 2001 Under-17, Under-20, and Junior Team gold medallist. She also became the first fencer in the world ever to hold three World Championship titles in the same year. Zagunis will represent the U.S. again in Lisbon.

    Bronze Medallists: The women's foil team of Ann Marsh, Erinn Smart, Felicia Zimmermann and Iris Zimmermann won the bronze medal at the 2001 World Championships in Nimes, France. It was the first U.S. medal at this event. Iris Zimmermann and Erinn Smart return to lead the women’s foil team again this year.



    Iris Zimmermann, 1/6/81, Rush (Rochester), N.Y. (Stanford '03/Rochester Fencing Centre)

    Erinn Smart, 1/12/80, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Barnard/Columbia '01/Peter Westbrook Foundation)

    Emily Cross, 10/15/86, New York, N.Y. (The Brearly School '05/Fencers Club)

    Hannah Thompson, 11/1/83, Rochester, N.Y. (The Ohio State University ’05/Rochester Fencing Centre)


    Chris Becker, 10/5/63, Portland, Ore. (Smith College ’85/ Oregon Fencing Alliance)

    Emily Jacobson, 12/2/85, Atlanta, Ga. (The Westminster Schools '04/Nellya Fencers)

    Sada Jacobson, 2/14/83, Atlanta, Ga.(Yale University '04/Nellya Fencers)

    Mariel Zagunis, 3/3/85, Portland, Ore. (Valley Catholic High School '03/Oregon Fencing Alliance)


    Daisy Flores, 2/21/71, Globe, AZ (Global Fencing Center)

    Kamara James, 11/23/84, Jamaica, N.Y. (Princeton ’06/ Peter Westbrook Foundation)

    Julia Leszko, 11/7/69, Portland, Ore. (Ohio State University ’93/ NorthWest Fencing Center)

    Kristin Suchorski, 1/2/75, Alexandria, Va. (/Brandeis University ’97/ D.C. Fencers Club)


    Eric Hansen, 1/9/75, San Bruno, Calif. (University of San Francisco ’97/ Golden Gate Fencing Center)

    Seth Kelsey, 8/24/81, Brush Prairie, WA. (U.S. Air Force Academy ’03)

    Jeffrey Snider, 12/25/71, Falls Church, Va. (George Masin Univ./ D.C. Fencers Club)

    Justin Tausig, 7/28/70, Paris, France (Salle Santelli/Racing Club de France)


    Jedediah Dupree, 10/07/79, New York, N.Y. (Columbia University ’01, Fencers Club)

    Jonathan Tiomkin, 7/12/79, New York, N.Y. (St. John's University '02/Fencers Club)

    Dan J Kellner, 4/16/76, New York, N.Y. (Columbia University, ’98, Fencers Club)

    Alex Wood, 1/12/78, Mountain View, Calif. (Stanford University, ’00, Stanford Fencing Club)


    Ivan J Lee, 3/31/81, Brooklyn, N.Y. (St. John's University '03/ Peter Westbrook Foundation)

    Herby Raynaud, 04/17/71, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Columbia University ’93/ Peter Westbrook Foundation)

    Keeth Smart, 7/29/78, Brooklyn, N.Y. (St. John's University '01/ Peter Westbrook Foundation)

    Akhnaten Spencer-El, 4/13/79, New York, N.Y. (Peter Westbrook Foundation)

    Manager – Kalle Weeks

    Armorer – Matthew Porter

    Trainers – Lonnie Sellers, Doug Rank

    Coaches – Arkady Burdan, Simon Gershon, Yury Gelman, Ed Korfanty, Buckie Leach, Michael Marx, Michael Petin, Paul Soter

    Captain – Vladimir Nazlymov

    Chief of Mission – Carl Borack, Jeff Bukantz (Assistant)

    Staff Liaison – Carla-Mae Richards

    World and U.S. Team Rankings

    Women’s Sabre
    1. ROMANIA
    2. RUSSIA
    3. HUNGARY
    4. FRANCE
    7. USA

    Men’s Sabre
    1. HUNGARY
    2. ROMANIA
    3. GERMANY
    4. ITALY
    11. USA

    Women’s Epee
    1. GERMANY
    2. RUSSIA
    3. FRANCE
    4. HUNGARY
    18. USA

    Men’s Epee
    1. HUNGARY
    2. AUSTRIA
    3. ESTONIA
    4. SPAIN
    10. USA

    Women’s Foil
    1. ITALY
    2. ROMANIA
    3. GERMANY
    4. RUSSIA
    9. USA

    Men’s Foil
    1. GERMANY
    2. FRANCE
    3. POLAND
    4. AUSTRIA
    7. USA

    Mixed Sabre Team
    1. Hungary
    2. Romania
    3. Russia
    4. France
    5. Germany
    6. Italy
    7. USA
    8. Ukraine

    World and U.S. Individ. Rankings

    Women’s Sabre
    1. JEMAYEVA Yelena RUS
    2. TOUYA Anne-Lise FRA
    3. ARGIOLAS Cecile FRA
    4. JACOBSON Sada USA
    7. JACOBSON Emily USA
    15. ZAGUNIS Mariel USA
    17. BECKER Christine USA

    Men’s Sabre
    1. POZDNIAKOV Stanislav RUS
    2. PILLET Julien FRA
    3. COVALIU Mihai ROM
    16. SMART Keeth USA
    52. LEE Ivan USA
    80. RAYNAUD Herby USA
    82. SPENCER-EL Akhnaten

    Women’s Epee
    3. MACKAY Sherraine CAN
    102. LESZKO Julia USA
    123. JAMES Kamara USA
    142. SUCHORSKI Kristin USA
    NR. FLORES Daisy

    Men’s Epee
    1. MILANOLI Paolo ITA
    2. JEANNET Fabrice FRA
    3. MARIK Christoph AUT
    32. HANSEN Eric USA
    38. TAUSIG Justin USA
    40. SNIDER Jeffrey USA
    89. KELSEY Seth USA

    Women’s Foil
    1. VEZZALI Valentina ITA
    2. TRILLINI Giovanna ITA
    3. SCARLAT Roxana ROM
    41. SMART Erinn USA
    71. CROSS Emily USA
    183. THOMPSON Hannah USA

    Men’s Foil
    1. SANZO Salvatore ITA
    2. BISSDORF Ralph GER
    3. BOIDIN Franck FRA
    45. KELLNER Daniel USA
    52. TIOMKIN Jonathan USA
    95. DUPREE Jed USA
    300. WOOD Alex USA

    For more information, please contact:
    Cindy Bent
    US Fencing Media Relations
    614.284.4605 * [email protected]
    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Thanks for posting the info for the World team. You have scooped the USFA for posting this, and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I had seen the USFA posting the team for World Veterans championships back in July and was curious as to why they hadn't announced the World team.
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