Updates from the USA Fencing SEMI Committee - September 2017

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    1. Mask Elastic Safety Straps. Beginning this season, these will be checked during equipment check to ensure that they are serviceable and in good condition. Worn, loose or stretched out straps will be cause for a mask to be rejected.
    2. Gloves. Holes in gloves (all weapons) are not allowed. Worn-through top surface in an area subject to being hit by your opponents will not be allowed. Glue is an acceptable repair. Tape covering holes is not acceptable.
    3. Foil Masks with the Velcro attached bib. There is a concern that a blade sliding down the mask can get caught in the Velcro and break. If an Armorer determines that there is a significant risk of a tip being caught, the mask will be rejected. This can be repaired by the official repair vendor, who can sew it down in a way that the bib can be replaced.
    4. Leon Paul Safety Straps. When the mask is presented for inspection, it is acceptable to have a mask with the fasteners for the strap without the strap being installed. If the strap is installed, both parts must be present and working. When on the strip, if the strap is attached, it has to be used.
    5. Bodycord Wrapping. Bodycords may be presented for inspection tied, so long as the free ends can be separated by at least 12" and the C (clip) line on saber/foil cords is completely visible.
    6. Use of Solder lugs and shrinkwrap to Terminate Weapon Wires. The US SEMI has determined that this method of connecting weapon wires to the socket violates the rules, and therefore is not an accepted practice. Referees have been informed to reject weapons using this method of connection, and can result in appropriate penalties.
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