Unverifiable Rumors and Dubious Gossip About 2019 Collegiate Incoming Fencers

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    The purpose of this thread is to report the rumors and gossip about fencers who will be entering colleges in the Fall of 2019. While those who post information here should endeavor to post honest and accurate information, those who are reading this thread should be aware that the information is usually NOT from the fencers themselves and may be inaccurate. Attempts will be made to post corrections to any posted information which is inaccurate but readers should be aware that inaccuracies are not always reported and even if reported, may take time to correct.

    Therefore coaches, alumni, parents, fencers, and other readers of this thread should not use any information posted here to take any actions without first verifying themselves that the information is correct. This is the sensible way to treat any information posted on any threads on Fencing.Net. For example, don't make flight and hotel reservations because a thread claims that a fencing event will be held at a certain location on a certain date without first verifying that the location and date are correct.

    Also, some fencers apply to and receive acceptances from more than one school. They usually post an acceptance even though they are waiting to hear from a school that they would more like to attend. So seeing an acceptance here does not necessarily mean that the fencer will end up attending that school or fence for that school.

    So far I have received one name about a fencer who has signed a National Letter of Intent (NLI) rather than having received an actual letter of acceptance from the school. While fencers usually do not receive or sign NLIs unless they've been told by the school's fencing coach that they will most likely be accepted by the school, their acceptance by the school is not certain until they receive official notification of it from the school. I've been told that many schools send out these official notifications of acceptance around December 15 and so hope to post my first report around the middle of the following week. So if you have any names, try to get them to me by December 17 if you want them in the first posting.

    For this thread, I rely almost entirely on information sent to me either via private messages or posted on this thread. If you send me fencers’ names, please verify that you have spelled the name correctly and indicate the name of the school and the weapon that the fencer will most likely be competing with. Links to the sources of your information are appreciated. Updates and corrections can be posted on this thread and will be reflected in updated summary reports posted periodically.
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    It is always exciting to read about these talented athletes going to their dream schools. Will be fun to watch how the college teams will look in the upcoming year and who will be taking time off to try for the Olympics.

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