Unsportsmanlike Conduct after Bout Finishes

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    Scenario: one fencer reaches 5 touches in bout to 5, fencers salute and shake hand, then as the losing fencer walks back to his end of the strip of unhook, he says audibly enough to be heard by people on the next strip over, "That was some bulls*** refereeing!"

    Questions: would the appropriate penalty by a Group III penalty for a fencer disturbing order on the strip (I've heard this is the appropriate penalty for something to do with swearing)? Or could you not give that penalty since the bout ended once the fencers shook hands and so now the fencer is considered a spectator so and could only receive a spectator yellow Group III penalty as a person not on strip disturbing order or maybe even anti-sporting behavior since they're comment was directed at referees (I probably wouldn't penalize if he just said BS)?
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    Group III Red for Disturbing Order On-Strip. In epee, you visually supervise the defeated fencer until he has unhooked to prevent him from kicking out the floor cord, thus requiring the final touch to be annulled. Hooked = On-Strip.
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    For me, I honestly think I'd go one of two ways:
    1) Stern talking to, including asking if there's anything the fencer would like to say to the referee. Depending on how that conversation goes, we might continue to #2....

    2) Black card. You don't get to question the referee's competence or ethics, especially not like that.

    Note that I'd have the same two options in mind if I were the referee on strip, or a referee passing by.
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    I disagree with both answers. I'm far away from International refereeing (I'm even not allowed to give black cards) but :
    – The strip is where the bout is fenced. If the bout is finished, the strip is nothing then, so you can't give a III group card.
    – If he wants to contest, he immediately go the Staff, and contest. If he's not right, you give him a yellow card (I group)
    – If you think there is obvious unsportsmanlike conduct : black card, even after the bout's end.

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