UArts at WCU - 31 March 2012

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    West Chester Univ hosted the University of the Arts for another fencing tournament. There were 23 entrants, split pretty evenly between the two clubs. The biggest upset was during the first DE, UArt's Tyger (#1 seed) against WCU's Jen (#16 seed). Jen won 15-14. The 16 DE was evenly split between the two teams.

    UArts took first place, WCU took second and third. While UArts won the gold, the Trophy Rules are the team that takes two of the top three, wins the trophy for the year.

    Pixie Roane, the USFA Philly Vice Chair, stopped by as an observer. She helped by correcting some safety issues (shirts), offered advice to some of the fencers and talked with the coaches and parents in the stands.

    It was a great match-up and we look forward to being at UArts next year!

    April 21 - UDel at WCU.

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