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Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by PeterGustafsson, Jul 25, 2004.

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    Am I the only one who wants a bit of unpredictability in the plot of a TV show?

    Case in point: I looked at a segment of NCIS last week, in which the dramatic climax consisted of a suspect being tricked into an interrogation situation, in which the interrogators, 5 of them IIRC, surrounded the suspect. She was tricked into confessing when a phony fingerprint match plopped up on a screen, a stunt placed there ahead by the interrogators.

    Let us analyze the power balance here for a second: the interrogators outnumber the suspect, they have access to all sorts of technical help (detailed earlier in the show), the suspect is portrayed as not very smart, and to top it off the interrogators use multiple instances of trickery.

    First and last time I will look at NCIS.

    Given that, is it any wonder that the interrogators win?

    Back to the general case: Far too often, the power balance in TV plots is incredibly lopsided, and the more powerful predictably wins. What is the point of looking at that? I can understand fans rooting for a incredibly dominant team chrushing the opponents, but why root for fictional characters?

    Personally, I want to look at stuff where one actually does not know how it will end, and that necessitates that the "bad guy" wins on a regular basis, if not 50%.

    Why does one see so little of this on TV? Am I really that unusual in my tastes? Opera has a lot of tragedies, as has stage theatre. Evenly matched sports events draw bigger crowds than expected blowouts, so there are such things outside TV.

    Have a nice time!

    Peter Gustafsson
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    Tragedies in operas and stage theatres usually have a moral to the story. So the good guy loses but we learn from it.
    I don't know if learning a lesson is commercial enough anymore.
    Just my thoughts.
    Oh, I am having a very nice time thank you!
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    No-one WANTS the good guys to lose! Everyone wants to see the good guys crushing their opponents, no matter what the cost in plot is.
    I for one, don't have a television, so i'm unable to produce any valid complaints or anything :) But I would enjoy watching an UNPREDICTABLE story. Even "plot twists" in hollywood (for movies) are predictable.

    These are good times to live in, children! Remember, the Bad Guy NEVER wins! Ever!

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