Top 62 seeds for the October NAC epee

Discussion in 'Fencing Discussion' started by Rollhigher, Sep 12, 2018.

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    Have the top 62 seeds in the Div I epee events for the October NAC been posted? I believe it was set at the close the regular fee entry period.
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    They have as of a few days ago and can be found here:

    It's worth noting that there's a new procedure by which the top 62 spots are filled if a top 62 seeded fencer withdraws before the start of day 1.

    Also on the October NAC page it says which events will be flighted on each day. Don't believe I've seen that before, although good for travel planning. It is as follows:
    Day 1, Friday: none
    Day 2, Saturday: div1WS
    Day 3, Sunday: div1MS, div1ME (I assume this means the day 2 part of div1, not the classification event which starts at 1pm)
    Day 4, Monday: div1MF

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