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    As far as I'm concerned, the conquering of a developing nation by a super power should be a piece of cake. The true finess (and some could argue the US is putting its best foot forward, unlike conquering nations in the past) is how the country's infrastructure, and society bounces back from a war. The responsibility of invading powers to nuture, and maintain the massive government structure to ensure a stable society. It seems the US is held to this moral level while developing country's are strangely exempt. (Don't get me wrong though, I was against the war from the beginning...)

    This employment advertisement on is one of many that have been popping up over the past year...and they are becoming very common as the weeks pass. The site for Candian Tech's is a real positive lift with all the bad news overseas....I mean come on...the wars are is time to rebuild, and at least attempt to build a peace everyone "wants."

    Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan Posting Number 7716

    Discipline(s): Chemical, Computer, Electrical/Instrumentation, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical


    Read and interpret meters, gauges, and other sensing devices to monitor plant operation; process control including the adjustment of the flow coming into the plant and monitor its progress through various plant processes; operate pumps, valves, equipment, and chemical-feeding systems; test and adjust chemical feed rates; take samples, perform routine laboratory tests, analyze the results, and interpret results; maintain detailed log of test results, readings, and changes.

    Wastewater Treatment plant servicing, maintenance, and preventative maintenance of treatment plant, and collection systems Prepares and assists in preparation of water treatment reports; operates computer data acquisition, Process Data Collection (PDC), data control, and alarm systems; ensures wastewater effluent meets Canadian environmental standards.

    Skills Required:

    · Secondary School graduation OR acceptable combination of education, experience and formal training.
    · A Canadian Class II Wastewater Treatment Certification or higher, a Canadian Class I Wastewater Collection Certification or higher and a Wastewater Quality Analysis Certificate or Diploma. Equivalent qualifications in Water Treatment and Distribution would be an asset.

    Contact Information:

    Preferred method of contact: In Person

    Mr. Shawn Dean, P.Eng.

    SNC Lavalin PAE Inc.
    202, 80 Queen Street

    Kingston, ON
    K7K 6W7 Phone: (613) 5476110

    Fax: (613) 5441711
    E-Mail: [email protected] Website:

    This position is the responsibility of the employer who posted it. CTEN and its affiliated associations are not responsible for the accuracy of the data.
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    It's pretty clear to me that, regardless of what one thinks about our having invaded, the US is making an incredible effort to restore the services of a society in Iraq. We're spending billions of our own money, and putting US lives on the line: a lot of the guys being shot at are engineers and techs trying to get power, water, hospitals and basic services going. Just as we did in Japan and Europe after WW II, though there I don't think we were actively being attacked while we were rebuilding them.

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