The Flynn Memorial Epee Tournament - now back in New Jersey!

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    On November 20, 2016, Bucks County Academy of Fencing will hold the 18th Annual Robert Flynn Memorial Epee tournament at its main location in Lambertville, New Jersey. This has been a very popular event for many years, but in recent times we've been forced to hold it at our satellite location in Hatfield, PA. Now we are very happy to bring it back to our main location, which people say is easier to get to if you're coming from any distance.

    Tournament details and registration are on AskFRED at . Please note that there's a discount for early registration -- if you register by October 16th, the entry fee is only $30.
    And there are prizes!
    • $200 Absolute GC & engraved trophy for Top Finishing Male
    • $200 Absolute GC & engraved trophy for Top Finishing Female
    Engraved prizes for:
    • Top Junior Fencer
    • Top Cadet Fencer
    • Top Vet Fencer
    • Top Unclassified fencer
    Fun prizes for:
    • The fencer who traveled the furthest to attend
    • The fencer who carpooled with the most fencers!
    (Only one prize per fencer)
    This tournament is also a fundraiser for Animal Alliance. If you bring a pet food donation for Animal Alliance, we'll feed you lunch for free. (No, we won't feed you pet food!)

    So come on down, up, or over. We look forward to seeing you!
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    It's always a great time! There's a MDFC Vet the day before. I'm checking with the spouse to see if I'm allowed out both days. hehe

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