Summer camp in Europe or the US

Discussion in 'Parent's Corner' started by Parent210, Nov 9, 2018.

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    Nov 9, 2018
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    Does anyone know of good summer camps in Europe or the US? I have 2 boys - 13 and 9 and they are just crazy about fencing. they are beginners though the older is moving to intermediate.
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    I just saw your post, sorry for the delay. The best bet is to check with their coach to see if he/she is running a summer camp, or if not, do they have a recommendation based on how well they know your kids. It can be a tricky fit for any fencer to choose a camp blind, and that is especially true for beginners. There are literally dozens of camps for each weapon, at all levels.

    I could make several saber recommendations, but it's like recommending a restaurant- I'll give you an honest opinion, but it will be based on my taste and my guess as to yours :)

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