Songs & Swords Mixed Epee Open

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    On June 14th, 2014, the newly established Music City Fencing Club held our very first tournament called the Songs & Swords Mixed Epee Open. This unique tournament was designed to highlight the musical roots of Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Music City Fencing Club. Bouts lasted as long as the song that was playing, with virtually unlimited scoring giving fencers the added benefit of lots of fencing before the US Summer National Championships. One fencer scored 92 touches in one single bout, and over 2,000 total touched were scored on the day.

    Here the the final results:

    1 Bogert, Alexander (Bryce)
    2 Wetzel, Peter
    3 Cai, Brian
    3 Babb, Geoffrey
    5 Slanovits, Michael
    6 Bogert, James (Brett)
    7 Doan, Jake
    8 Whitener, Ryan
    9 Fisher, Stephen
    10 Neidlinger, Robert
    11 Young, David C
    12 Morgan, Hannah
    13 Sgarlata, Grant
    14 Faller, Daniel
    15 Martin Mozeleski, Marisca
    16 Deitz, David

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