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Discussion in 'New to Fencing' started by Dread Pirate, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Feb 13, 2009
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    Need to ask a question about jackets-especially the taper from shoulder to waist. Are there jackets designed with an extreme taper(44 chest means a 54 jacket that tapers to a 36 waist). Are the jackets that advertise as "full stretch" really that stretchy? Or is it advisable to have the jacket tailored to make it fit snugger for competition? I have heard of some fencers that actually tailor everything on the jacket, even the sleeves, for a closer fit. I really don't want to enter my first tournament looking like some big white Christmas bell!
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    Christmas bell

    be a Christmas bell for a few tournaments and watch what the elite fencers wear. You can have everything taylored (I'm assuming you fence epee) and look really cool. Or just fence. Have a good time.

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