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    Hi --

    I am a new transplant to the San Francisco, working in Soma and living in Lower Pac Heights. I am looking for a social place to do bouts most nights, and the occasional formal lesson so that I can brush-up on technique. A place similar to my old club in London, full of retirees and professionals who were focused on enjoyable exercise and camaraderie.

    Most of my online searches have turned up clubs focused on preparing children for Ivy League applications/Olympic training, or foil and sabre.

    Does anyone have recommendations in San Francisco for an épée fencer?
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    I presume you checked out SFFC, Xcel, Halberstadt, and Golgen Gate?
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    Probably based on your comments your best choice is Halberstadt Fencing Club (HFC) which is the oldest fencing club in the San Francisco Bay Area (621 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110). Monday nights starting at 8: PM is the busiest VET evening. Though they are trying to re-establish Thursday nights at 8: PM and Saturday at noon as VET times. Unfortunately since Cole Harkness left to coach at Massialis there hasn't been as much of the after fencing pubbing. Suggest you connect to [email protected] to get messages about when/who is coming.

    There is also Golden Gate Fencing Center which is a larger establishment in the same general area. But they "claim" to be more focused on competitive activities and younger fencers. Though I understand there are a few VETs among them.

    I would suggest dropping by and checking both out.

    My understanding is that SFFC and Xcel are more youth and foil or saber oriented. But am open to being corrected on that score.

    If your competitive juices are wont to flow, you might consider East Bay Fencing Gym in Oakland which is not terribly far from the main downtown Bart station.
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