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    Conflating of two stories: I've been volunteering once a week helping Ray down at the local senior center 2nd hand shop sorting and testing electronics for sale in the shop. It can be fun and Ray's an interesting character having been a corps man in 'Nam with stories liking having a 50 caliber pass through the helicopter floor an inch or so from his ass on an air evac. The other half of the story is that my cat sitter (we trade duties when I go out of town for NAC's and such) is a high school art teacher at a school out in Pleasanton, CA who is teaching a class of HS kids old fashioned film photography. Naturally the school doesn't have cameras or other equipment or funds. So Merilee has been having to go around appealing for donations to the class. But my addition to the story is to put the two together which has lead to some interesting observations. A week ago I found a couple of film camera's that Ray hadn't put out and inquired. Seems they are difficult to get rid of these days, digital having taken over so much. These are top end cameras with very fine lens which I would appraise at having sold for at least over $300. and easily over $500. just a few years ago. So I picked them up for Merilee for $3.00/each. Ray told me he priced the cameras at $.50 each but the cases they were in at $3.00. The cases I would have guessed to be worth $50. at a shop. Anyway, I now understand that film photography is making a come back in high end circles much like vinyl records and tube amplifiers have made a come back in audio circles. So if you are into such things film cameras may becoming the next retro item of interest. Still waiting for the market in aging epeeists.

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