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Discussion in 'Fencing Discussion' started by jjefferies, Sep 11, 2018.

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    Probably in one of the threads I skipped over. But trying to get results from an ROC this past weekend I asked the organizers "I don't find the results from this weekend on AskFred. Have you
    posted them?"

    The response was "With the mandatory change by USA Fencing, all the ROC. RYC, SYC, etc regional tournaments must use the new tournament platform at USA Fencing. Askfred is out of the loop. We can't post the results there because the tournament wasn't created using Askfred. And the new national tournament platform isn't fully completed yet and isn't capable of posting results yet. So, we are leaving the Live Results up on our website for awhile. Go to our Live Results!"

    So the National has pushed AskFred aside but not yet up to replacing its functionality?
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    Who is surprised?
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    Charter Oak RYC's Live Results available, on tournament's far right-side column's "Important Links", though you have to be signed-in. Organizer's functionality fluctuated immediately prior.
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    I don't see any reason why results can't be posted to FRED. Many organizers have created FRED listings for RYC/ROC etc. events that direct people to the USFA site for registration. Assuming they run the events using Fencing Time, there's nothing stopping them from uploading the results to FRED.
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    The problem is technical. When Fencing Time downloads a tournament from an online database (USFA or FRED), the fencers and clubs are identified with their IDs from the database. When you go to upload results, FT uses those fencer and club IDs in the results data. If you happened to enter a new fencer, its ID is assigned a temporary value in the upload, and FRED will ask you which fencer in its database matches the unknown one.

    If you take a USFA database tournament and upload it to FRED, none of the IDs will match, so it won't work. About the best FT could do right now is change all the IDs to the "unknown" value, but then FRED would ask you to match every single fencer in the upload. Pretty tedious for a big tournament.

    I'm sure dberke will be along to provide any missing details here. But if it were easy to fix, it probably would have been already.

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