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    This is World’s first, commercially available, integrated, touchscreen, VSM based scoring machine.

    My club “Milwaukee Sport Fencing Academy” has been using this design with various improvements along the way for over 2 years.

    We now have a system that is so lean and so powerful, that I feel we should market it.

    Let’s skip to pricing right away. The first twelve units (6 at our club and six that were sold) are now out there.

    Making this many units has allowed us to simplify, improve and get a good idea what production runs will cost. We are offering the first 50 units for $625.00 each*.

    After that, the individual unit price will likely be around $750.00 per unit.

    We currently make 8 units per week, but now that we have it all worked out, scaling production will not be a problem if the units are popular.

    *in order to get the $625.00 introductory price, you will be required to give feedback.

    We will not edit or delete any feedback on our website or Facebook page. We will need the negative feedback to improve and also as the good feedback.

    The VSM based system we are selling includes all of the following hardware software and features. Shipping will need to be added and will cost whatever shipping costs:

    · The computer; a windows 10 tablet, Weight approx: 5lbs. Dimensions: 18”W X 7.5” high X 2.5” deep.

    · The operating system

    · A touchscreen for a hands on interface

    · A hinged clear cover with an anti-glare coating to protect the screen against blade strikes

    · An internal “powered” USB hub to power the back plate USB port, the integrated network NIC, the VSM module and the windows side of the LED relays.

    · A small stereo amplifier and speakers.

    · The entire system is powered with a 3 amp 12Vdc external power supply (included) and inside the unit is a 12V to 5V adapter for computer, USB and stereo amplifier power. I you use massive LEDs you can upgrade the power supply. The system can also be used with an external battery for everything including a 12V television.

    · The unit is also supplied with a high quality industrial hook an loop for you to attach the unit to a stand, wall, T-bar, etc. and also in case you wish to attach things like remotes, mouse and IR receiver to the unit.

    · The custom made case is made of a “formed” black ABS plastic that started out as 1/8” thick before forming. The internal sheet and external white faceplate are made of Plexiglas, just under 1/8” thick. The clear glare treated strike cover is also a Plexiglas sheet that prevents blade strikes to the touchscreen. This feature is replaceable if it gets scratched up.

    · The entire system is assembled with Phillips head screws for easy access , maintenance, etc. All of the main connections (except for the speakers) are made with “quick” disconnects again for ease of assembly and disassembly.

    · The system arrives completely assembled and ready to plug in and use. The computer is configured for VSM with all of the known annoyances “muted” so as not to interfere with a match. We do not recommend you use the computer for other things.

    · This system is meant to be “seen and heard” If used for club use, the unit by itself is way more than adequate. If used for “spectacle” The HDMI is “ported” on the top of the unit so that you can attach a screen of any size and there are 3 DIN ports for our available LED repeater systems connection to a video replay system.

    · The sound from the mini-speakers is quite loud and if you use the HDMI out to a television your audio feedback is even more enhanced.

    · We have added a folder on the “C” drive that has all of the VSM software for the many “flavors” of VSM and a sub-folder with six sets of different sounds to help alleviate confusion when hits occur when these systems are close to each other.

    · If the unit is placed high enough, the extremely bright LEDs are impossible to miss and there is nothing to interfere with say, an IR remote being blocked by the fencers.

    · Since this is a VSM based system, you have many choices (IR, RF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, network LAN) as to how to control or communicate with the unit.

    In essence, this modestly priced system is the “core unit” for fencing scoring on any scale.

    Here is a link to photos of the new system:

    Here is a video of the lights, screen and sound of the unit: Integrated VSM Scoring Computer

    Anyone that is interested, please email me at [email protected].

    There will likely be some units in Richmond to see.

    Best Regards,

    Joe Biebel, Primary MSFA
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