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Discussion in 'Fencing Discussion' started by Sins of the Fleche, Aug 11, 2010.

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    I remember earlier this summer that a few forum regulars mentioned fencing at/coaching at the NCFDP at UNC. I'm a 1st year grad student at UNC, and I've got a couple of questions:

    1) Does the club allow grad students to join?

    2) Assuming yes to question 1, When does the club begin normal fall meeting hours?

    3) Does the club teach/fence epee? Additionally, the club I came from did not require starting with foil, so is it an issue that I have 2 years of epee with no prior experience in foil?

    4) Is there any special rules or traditions that I need to be aware of before coming?

    Thanks alot guys.

    EDIT: On a side note, I haven't fenced since late April, so apologies in advance if I come and stink up the place.
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    Grad students are welcome to join. Rates for students are fairly cheap. I want to say $40 including a weekly lesson but I'm not sure. Épée tends to dominate most nights actually although saber may make a resurgence this year. Coach gives excellent lessons in all 3 weapons but I'm gonna go ahead and say that I think saber and épée are his strongest so you've lucked out there. Regular meetings should resume the first full week of classes if thongs stay true to form but if you need specifics I'd call or email the team's coaching staff as they are the ones that run the club. Good luck!
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    What bigdawg said.

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