Milwaukee fencing club looking for a new owner, coach(s)

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    Milwaukee Sport Fencing Academy (MSFA) is a beautifully setup and appointed club. The owner/coach (Joe Biebel) is moving.

    My “exit” will be at the end of November, and it would be great to have a new owner and or coach to take over.

    The club was run as a hobby and has a relatively small member base of about 35. As such, currently, it is just about at the break-even point. A new owner (that ran this as a business) would be able to walk into a beautiful, high-tech club with an existing group of fencers. In order to run the club profitably, it would need to be treated as a business and take the time to get the word out to the community to increase the customer base.
    The “tech” has been significantly upgraded since then.

    Here is a video that shows the entire club 3 years ago.
    2015 MSFA video
    Here is a video of the ceiling mounted systems and wireless strips.

    Advanced group fencing:

    Currently the facility is leased. The 2017 average monthly cost for rent, utilities, insurance, etc. is $2,620.00.
    The price for club assets: the “sprung” rubber padded wooden floor, electronics, (5 tournament strips), teaching gear, and all of the furnishings: fencing gear, tables, storage, office, furniture workbench, tools, sundries price is: $12,500.00.

    There is also excellent signage if you keep the name. I am making a spreadsheet for interested parties that lists all of the assets.

    Anyone qualified to teach/coach or is interested in taking over the club, should either private message me or email ( [email protected] ) me. Ask any questions you like.

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