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    I bought them about 4-6 years ago or so... $50ish Chinese elec-sabre mask on sale from BG. Bright orange interior... Cheek plates. Even the mask tongue was weak... I'd often need to re-bend it to keep it tight on my head.

    It was just fine for what it was. IMHO completely safe for use... passed multiple checks that season... just not built robust enough to warrant multiple years of use...

    Once you put a permanent lame on a mask, the working life of that mask gets substantially decreased. It becomes a consumable. You have 3 options. Drop big coin and get a high quality mask with a replaceable bib. Drop fairly big coin and get a high quality mask that whose bib will just die anyway. Buy a couple cheap masks whose bibs will die... but at least you have a spare mask. One for training, one for competition.

    I'm ok with a mask designed to be used only for a season or so... except... in my experience, old masks rarely get decommissioned... they are given to a newb, or donated to the club.

    My gut tells me it's just a matter of time before the lame foil bib becomes required for USFA comps. If so, then the same criteria will likely be applied to foil masks as sabre masks... and the same 3 options made available to the fencing consumer. If so, 5 years after the lame bib for foil requirement happens, there might be an awful lot of low quality, dead lame masks populating club closets that probably should be decommissioned. ( ..Or not.... just kinda trying to think ahead...)
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    PS- @ control in Louisville, my mask was passed without being punched...

    Obviously the armourer is a serial murder.
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    Wow, he had multiple personalities and all of them were killed? :jester:
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    Nice example :)

    The FAA's 180 day requirement has been in effect only since Dec 19, 2008.

    The requirement used to be every 120 days for reinpect / repacks.

    So why the longer period between inspections and repacks?

    Because ...


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