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    Own awesome selfie photos with SODA Camera & B612 on Android

    Taking selfie photos to upload to social networking sites is a common thing for young people to do. Everyone wants to have beautiful and perfect photos to share with friends and attract a lot of likes. To meet this demand, Google Play Store has provided Android users with a variety of different photography apps but to be able to find a suitable camera app for yourself, maybe it takes a lot of time to experience those apps. Therefore, this article would like to help you save your time by introducing 2 very impressive selfie capture apps that are SODA Camera and B612.

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    SODA Camera


    SNOW is a developer of camera and editing apps from Korea, which is famous for beauty tools downloaded and used by many people like SNOW, B612, or Foodie for Android. Recently, SNOW has just released a new selfie app, promising to be a great companion in creating awesome selfie photos with the name SODA Camera for Android.

    SODA Camera for Android is a camera app with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, equipped with the most famous filters of SNOW and Foodie. Just like other apps in the same line, you can use the camera which is available in the app to take photos or edit photos taken from the gallery, then share your work on social networks easily.

    Download SODA Camera for Android and test the rich collection of filters and effects that the app offers. Make your eyes bigger and more glittery, remove blemishes, V-line face, brighten your skin, and smoothen it too. You will be surprised with what you see after just a few corrections. Besides, each tool and filter you use provides an intensity bar to adjust the level of app to match what you want.

    Main features of SODA Camera for Android


    The beauty effects are applied in real time

    · Take perfect selfie photos right from the first shot without further editing.

    · Apply beauty tools such as acne removal, blemishes, smooth skin, as well as natural beauty effects in real time.

    Collection of rich color filters optimized for selfies

    · Try all the filters best suited to your skin.

    · Record different expressions using a series of selfie effects.

    Create high-quality photos

    · A selfie camera app will not be loved without the release of high quality photos.

    · Take sharp photos using the HD mode in the app.

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    B612 for Android is a selfie and video capture app with real-time filters, giving you beautiful selfie photos and videos through free photo and video editing tools.

    The app is originated from the LINE company - the father of global famous LINE chat service and a series of funny entertainment games like LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum, LINE Play, or LINE Birzzle Friends. Now, in addition to Camera360 Ultimate, mobile users also have a new option to take selfies anytime, anywhere with unexpected results.

    Main features of B612 for Android

    Video recording

    Show the world your cuteness and personality through 3 or 6 seconds of video with lovely expressions in a flash with attractive sounds. All you need to do is touch and hold on the screen of Android to start recording videos.

    Support main camera

    Swipe the screen from top to bottom to switch from the front camera to the behind the camera, revealing the world in your eyes with images of people around you, beautiful scenery or anything you want to share.

    Random image filter

    Sometimes you don't even know which image filters to choose to suit the current photography context. That's when you need to take a look at B612's random image filter feature. Click the Random button so that B612 selects the image filter you use most often and applies it directly to the camera.

    Blur the image border

    Vignette feature will darken the image border while highlighting the main object on the image. Viewers only need to glance at the main subject. Each type of image blur effect will automatically adjust according to the filter used on the image.

    Create impressive collages

    Let people know the different nuances in you by taking continuous shots, each selfie is a different state like happy, sad, angry, and a lovely face then put them together into the same photo layout. B612 for Android supports 3D image creation from this feature.

    Photo timer

    Choose a 2-second or 5-second counter to take photos automatically without manual manipulation, helping you own perfect and convenient selfie shots.

    Support selfie stick

    Set control mode with Bluetooth connection with selfie stick for wider angle shooting.

    Share photo

    Post and share photos quickly as well as easily on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

    New features in the updated version of B612

    · Add a new category including a unique animated sticker, making it easy to find the right sticker for you. Look for the most used stickers by B612 users, grouped in the same tab and in the Hot category.
    · New one-touch video recording mode: just touch the screen to record movies with animations in B612. This is a feature requested by many users and now it’s available in B612.
    · Upgrade dynamic stickers with new sound effects. From now on, you can take a selfie or shoot a lively selfie video with your friends.
    · Add 10 new watermark to show your love with B612 photo processing application.
    · Add two new image filters, Marvel and Innocent.

    When you want to find the perfect angle for yourself to make your photos so attractive, when you want to take a quick photo with a smartphone, when you accidentally discover a beautiful scene and want to share with everyone, when you date with your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to record meaningful memories, B612 is always a reasonable choice to record beautiful moments in each person's life and share it with the whole world!

    With these 2 tools, you are completely to create impressive and beautiful selfie photos easily and quickly. Download to experience their wonderful features right away!

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