IUP Division II Foil and Epee Spring Fencing Fest - Sharks and minnows format

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    To celebrate the coming of spring the IUP Fencing Club is happy to announce their Spring Fencing Fest, featuring the USA Fencing Sharks and Minnows competition format.

    What's this you ask? How is this so different from a standard competition? Well, Glad you asked!

    The Sharks and Minnows format features TWO rounds of pools, with the 2nd round sorting the winners of the initial round of pools into their own separate pool of "Sharks" and the rest of the pools will be seeded from their performance in the first round. Finally, results from the second round of pools will then be seeded into the DE table, with the "Sharks" pool guaranteed top seeds in the table.

    This allows fencers to compete TWICE as much in a single day, and also allows the higher performing fencers to fence against competitors at their level of performance during the 2nd round, while the less well performing fencers have a better chance of improving their seeding into the DE table.

    Finally, to keep the competition moving, we will be cutting the promotion into the DE table to the table of 16.

    So, sign up for the Spring Fencing Fest, and get your fill of fencing!

    The IUP fencing club will be hosting this competition in Gym B of the IUP Zink Hall. Separate changing rooms for men and women are available to all participants. Free parking in the back lot, and easy access to food from around the campus.

    This is a Division II (C and Under) Foil and Epee competition using the USA Fencing sanctioned "Sharks and Minnows" format. Please see the More Info page for details.
    Pre-Reg fee: $10 Plue $15/weapon
    Walkin fee: $20 plus $25/weapon
    Events Scheduled:
    Senior Mixed EpeeC & Under Senior Mixed Foil
    Preregistration opens on 02/05/2019.
    Preregistration closes on 04/13/2019.

    For more information about the Sharks and Minnows format, please refer to the USA Fencing Athletes Handbook page 144, located here:

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