IUP Crimson Cup Open Foil and Epee

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    FRED Announces the Crimson Cup Open Foil and Epee competition
    Pre-reg: $10 + $15 per weapon
    Walk in: $20 reg fee + $25/weapon
    ***** The following applies to PRE REGISTERED fencers ONLY *****
    A rated fencers will fence for free in their rated weapon, If you choose to fence in both weapons, there is no registration fee for the 2nd weapon.
    B rated Fencers will only be charged $15/weapon with no registration fee.
    This is a USFA Sanctioned Event
    All USFA Rules and clothing req will apply.
    Masks, Foil Chest Protectors, Gloves, and body cords will be checked by the armorer at check in.
    ------------------ Important Info: -------------------
    Date(s): 10/14/2018
    Location: IUP Zink Gyms A and B
    Event | Date | Registration Closes
    Open Senior Mixed Foil | Sunday, October 14th | 9:00 AM
    Open Senior Mixed Epee | Sunday October 14th | 1:00 PM


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