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Discussion in 'Fencing Discussion' started by SamHeals, Jul 4, 2019.

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    Hi all, I've been fencing for about 2 years now (started at 16, now 17.) In epee. I have mild cerebral palsy and fencing with a disability has definitely brought challenges, but it has given me a passion and being able to beat and sometimes dominate able bodied fencers is an experience I can't describe. The passion I have for this sport is insane. Disappointed I didn't find it earlier. With all that being said, I found a forum post awhile ago about some of the Absolute FIE Gear, specifically the 2012 set. I've purchased the jacket, knickers, and plastron, being on the heavier and shorter side at around 195, and 5'5, I was hoping that it would be stretchy and breathable, (hard enough to move with tight leg muscles and balance issues but I manage, I'd prefer to use my legs and feet while I still can, that is why I haven't moved to wheelchair!) That was the pull AF used anyway. The post didn't go into that much detail, So I was hoping anyone who used or still uses this set could answer if it was a good purchase and if the quality checks out. I look forward to hearing from anyone that is interested in replying! If you have any questions please ask me! Thank you all! :)
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    What’s your actual question then?

    There’s nothing wrong with AF gear if it fits you well and you like it.

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