Info on or review of BG Jumbo Roll Fencing Bag

Discussion in 'Armory - Q&A' started by Kevin R, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Can anyone give a review of the Blue Gauntlet Jumbo Roll Fencing Bag? I've made a general search of the forums here and other fencing sites, but haven't found anything specific to this bag.

    Rather than the inline skate wheels, its wheels are of the standard luggage type. In fact, much of the bag's design is borrowed directly from rolling luggage. Is that a problem or a solution? Is stability a problem or is it enhanced by the wheel type and placement?

    According to the specifications, it is about average in size for two-compartment bags. so all my equipment should fit inside. That's always a bit problematic though. Being unable to find an independent review of this bag is a bit of a concern as fencing equipment is usually dissected by the community pretty thoroughly.

    Please forgive the duplication. I'm new here and posted this on the Fencing Discussion forum as well before discovering Armory - Q&A.

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