Ideas to Put in Some Extra Training At Home: Educate Me

Discussion in 'Fencing Discussion' started by CrownOfCanada, May 14, 2018.

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    There is no substitute for actual fencing, and training with a coach watching and overseeing you. I am not challenging that.

    But anyone have any good routines or exercises for some extra training at home? I'm not looking for cross training or strength/conditioning, but perhaps exercises or routines that help hone fencing skills and will show returns on the piste or in classes. Things you can do in your home gym (or garage or wherever) you can slip in daily for that extra little help.

    For example, my last coach had me hang a tennis ball from a string. And practice point/lunge. Slow at first, and gradually speed it up. It helped with accuracy and blade control while pounding into muscle memory a proper lunge.

    Anyone else recommend something to do at home to help compliment training?
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    Hitting a tennis ball is out of fashion these days, but I still think it does some good.

    In general you should practice actions alone at home that you are 100% certain you have 100% right and that you 100% understand. Unfortunately, that restricts you quite a bit for your first year or so. If you're sure you have a lunge down and your coach agrees, do lunges. Step lunge, retreat lunge, appel lunge, short lunge then redouble, etc.

    If your coach thinks you have the footwork elements down, do footwork. Though it's not exciting, do conditioning and jump rope and core workouts and so on. That will help your fencing a lot, and it won't hurt your technique the way practicing some action incorrectly will.

    Beginners don't lose because they lack some fancy action. Even if you ignore the distance and tactical differences and just reduce it to technique, they lose because the A they're fencing can lunge much faster and further and with much less warning than they can. Squats and core workouts and jump rope and lunges are boring, but they make you better.

    I think it's instructive to read about Tiger Woods taking several months to take his golf swing apart and then rebuild it. What's interesting is that he's the only one ever to do that and get back to the top level. A lunge is in some ways like a golf swing. Once your lunge is in you trying to rebuild it top to bottom is going to be hard work, maybe impossible. Take the time now to get it right, do it carefully, listen to the best coach you can get to, videotape it and examine it and work hard to have the perfect, perfect lunge, make sure your coach agrees, then repeat it with various preps to get it into your fencing.

    But get it right first. Cannot overemphasize. Get it right first. If you're not sure your lunge is right, don't do a thousand lunges this weekend. Do squats and core workout and take more lessons.
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    work on general cardio, HIIT, or yoga.

    there's a bunch of HIIT apps you can download, they are all similar but have different features, and don't usually require any equipment beyond a chair or a bench.

    Yoga - I like DDP Yoga. it's subscription based, but I'm sure there is some free version somewhere online.

    for strength, a TRX system is pretty helpful and doesn't take up a lot of room, but kind of pricey.

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