foil tip/barrel with odd parts

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    Don't really know what to title my thread..... anyway, Absolute foil with their tip begins going off target in the classic must-be-broken-wire way, but nothing can be found, barrel is tight. So I take it apart thinking just maybe something going on in barrel. Yup. When I extract the spring the cup is attached to it. Never seated, it moved up and down till the wire broke. Obviously, rewire But that's not the odd part. The odd part is I put the cup back in the barrel after I'd removed it and is slid up and down with absolutely no resistance; very loose. Just for fun, I put a German wire through it and the cup not only went in (this is Absolute barrel- not German) but also dropped right n and slid up and down easily - I shouldn't even be able to put a German wire in here. (I didn't use that wire in that barrel, was just a test). Start looking at the barrel and realize it does not have Absolute's name on it. So, what's going on here I wonder? Was this a case of random parts being put on the foil I happened to get? I find it odd the barrel was blank and the opening was so large. Needless to say, rewire with German parts. This tip was also the victim of the latest problem; tips constantly unscrewing at inopportune moments. That's something I've also suddenly seen (too much) happen; even to my fancy Italian one (cost me a touch). Anyone else encounter this? I did let Absolute know that I thought this was strange, accompanied by photos of parts.
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    can we see the photos also?

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