[foil] just can't get a break rewiring blades,

Discussion in 'Armory - Q&A' started by outlawsteveoaos, May 3, 2005.

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    Dec 24, 2004
    so here's the deal now. a couple years ago i picked up some parts from santelli. a little bag of barrels, a little bag of springs, and a little bag of tips. well since i got all three at the same time, i figured they'd be compatible.

    last night i rewired a blade. glued the wire down all nice. and then i went to screw in the tip to the barrel. turns out, the parts for the tip are infact not compatible. when the tip is screwed in, it looks like it's depressed and it's stuck. i'm pretty sure all i need to do is take the barrel to a belt sandar and take off a mm or 2. that should make the gap i need so the tip can actually depress. is this an illegal modification of a point? i could dig into the club supplies and see if i can find a matching tip, but w/ what we've got, i highly doubt i'll find anything.

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    Save yourself the trouble and buy a new point and wire assembly instead of fighting older parts. Sometimes parts from teh same manufacturer don't fit (Sport 7 Epee tips seem to have this problem on occasion).

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