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Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by austy, May 12, 2017.

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    May 12, 2017
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    I am new to this forum.
    We are planning to open a new fencing club here in Toronto. The work is progressing and we are done with the tiles, but there are some cracks and it looks really dull. I want to have a great and attractive floor. My friend suggested me to do epoxy floor coating systems from Toronto because that will look more aesthetically pleasing.
    But since we are done with the tiling of the floor, is it possible now? Is is possible to do the epoxy coating over the tiles? What would be the average cost of doing this? Or any other options? Please advise. I am looking forward to some expert suggestions on this.
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    Would make more sense to post this in "Clubs" than the water cooler which tends to be non-fencing related. But I'm going to assume you are talking about the "pistes" area and you say you've put down "tile" which in ordinary usage means to me the material is fired clay and correspondingly a hard surface.. Not the best thing for your fencer's knees. Personally I would suggest wood and paint it whatever you want. Though from your initial post you seem more concerned with "aesthetically pleasing" than functional. Would point out that grounded strips will be difficult on top of a hard surface like tile. Unless of course you're using one of the several rubber surface tiles. Now tile in the areas not used for pistes would be sensible and i would simply say Yay make it attractive. The epoxy doesn't particularly make sense to me unless you have problems keeping water from soaking in.
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    There have been several threads about flooring over the years. If you google "site:fencing.net floor" you'll get a lot of info.

    But briefly, jjefferies is correct, your major concern should be function. A sports floor needs a bit of bounce to it. Plywood over stringers, rubber tiles, poured rubber, and more than one modern option I'm not really familiar with. You don't want people fencing on hard tiles (?!?) over concrete, that's quite bad for your fencers' health. An epoxy coating won't help that at all, you need some bounce.
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    Just make sure it's not a hard surface like concrete.
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    I agree with K O'N - it needs to have some 'give'. If you are talking vinyl tile over concrete and you have gaps between the tiles, then, yes, the epoxy coating would be a good option. The down side of this is that if you need to repair the floor, it could be a problem. Our club just moved into a space and we put down the plywood on stringers floor with polyurethane coating which works extremely well.

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