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    Awkward issue. We've recently moved into a new facility and the issue of floor fees has come up. I would like to get some other folks thoughts on the matter. The new facility - we were working out of a YMCA previously - costs a good deal more so we're looking at lean times as the club tries to expand to meet the new financial demands. Of concern is that we would like to keep floor fees for visitors low enough to encourage their checking us out. But we have the problem that some people who've been around the club for a while and have even been members in the past may see low floor fees as a way around paying for a membership. Another issue is fencers who are members at other clubs but who like to come by on a fairly regular basis to spar with our members and even take the odd lesson (at a higher non-member rate of course).

    Any suggestions on how to keep these somewhat mutually exclusive interests from conflicting? Any thoughts on a fee structure?
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    Well, you have to make sure that anybody paying floor fees instead of a membership, but shows up as often as a member would pay significantly more than a non-member.

    Encourage people to check it out by offering the first visit for free and/or have floor fees paid deducted from the membership fee when they join.

    You can also have a second-tier of membership for people who come around with less frequency, which can either be:
    a) A flat rate, which allows them to visit once a week, or twice a month (or whatever frequency makes sense), or
    b) A small membership fee, which entitles them to a discounted floor fee.
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    Or how about selling cards worth say, 10 or 20 visits (or some other random number), at a discounted price?

    Keeps the people who were coming unregularly coming
    Encourages them to come more
    Gets money in the bank without even having to do anything, as they are giving you money now for a service you will provide later...
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