FIE Arbitrage Sabre DVD - a must see for ALL fencers and referees

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    Photo and Foto

    D'oh! Are we being a bit English/French egocentric or chauvinistic here?

    There ARE other European languages other than English and French from the Latin/Sanskrit source:
    Foto is an Italian as well as a Portuguese word.

    Somewhere I've mentioned that if you use Firefox, and put your cursor over the "Photo Gallery" link in this web site, you'll see "Photo | Foto"

    Further evidence:
    photograph v fotografare ⇒
    Compound Forms/Forme composte:
    aerial photograph | fotografia aerea
    photograph album | album fotografico


    Definition of
    1. [n] a picture of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material. Sentences More...
    em português:foto

    Und auf Deutsch, mein Freund,
    colour photograph -- das Farbfoto
    photograph -- die Fotografie
    photography -- die Fotografie


    Thanks for making me look up the Portuguese word for foto...
    I won't even mention the Chinese word which I don't have to look up.

    The most important point is this, in this forum we use RoW, CaC, MdA, PiL, etc... so why can't you accept that I use "foto", afterall, the English language is full of foreign words that became part of the English vocabulary. Bungalow, veranda, etc. It's just like the British Army's ration is no longer beef and potatoes, it's now curry chicken...

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    mmmm, curry chicken....
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    My statement, which was directed to you, was:

    "Foto is neither an English word, nor is it a French word." No mention of Portuguese or Italian was made. Since your website is in English, and you are pedantic to the point to require accents on French or Medieval French words, it should use the proper English spelling of the word.

    A nice sidestepping of the issue, but in any case, this has gone long enough and is completely unrelated to the new Arbitrage DVD being put out.

    Feel free to open an etymological thread in the water cooler if you want discuss those fine points further.
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