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    I'm happy to announce that Fencing Time v4.3 has been released and is now available for download on http://www.fencingtime.com. This is a free upgrade for everyone who has a version 4.x license. The pricing for new licenses (and renewals) has not changed. Also, although this is not new, you can now get a discounted one-month license for both the standard and server versions - perfect for people who run just a few events per year and don't need a full license.

    Fencing Time v4.3 includes many improvements and new features. Some of the changes that should be especially interesting to USFA event organizers include:
    • Added the ability to merge duplicate clubs in your database
    • Added tracking of membership types (competitive, non-competitive, and +CheckEd) as well as SafeSport and background check expiration dates
    • Referees membership info can now be checked against the official USFA data using the new "Check Memberships" button on the tournament referee screen
    • A warning will appear if a referee is not in compliance with the membership, SafeSport, and background check requirements
    • Improved tracking of fencer region affiliation; updated the region map used when awarding points at regional events (i.e. moved Kansas to the correct region)
    • Updated the seeding rules for regional events
    • Added the ability to create a new event from the fencers eliminated from another event
    In addition to the changes listed above, there were many changes made to support FIE and international events. The complete list of changes can be seen at http://www.fencingtime.com/Home/VerHistory.

    As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

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    Sounds great, Dan! Especially this: "Added the ability to merge duplicate clubs in your database".
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    As someone who has already used this feature, it really is the best thing since sliced bread. What used to take me hours now takes 5-10 minutes.

    However be forewarned that, for now, the merge is irreversible. I almost merged 2 clubs that it turns out are different. If I had merged them, then any future tournaments would re-map all of the XYZ members into ABC as well.

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