Fencing Instructors Needed This Summer (2017)

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    Apr 12, 2017
    The Summer Institute for the Gifted operates summer camps across the US each summer and we offer Fencing to our students ages 9-17.

    Fencing-the sport of the aristocrats! For novices, this class will develop the basic technique, form, finesse, and balance essential for success as a fencer. Refine your skills as you are paired with others of similar ability. The foil technique will emphasize a strong defense and body attack. Foils and fencing equipment will be provided.

    Course is offered once a day for 90 minutes. Instructors are needed at the following locations:

    Emory University | June 19 - July 7
    UC Berkeley | June 18 - July 6
    UChicago | July 17 - August 4


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