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Discussion in 'Fencing Discussion' started by seak, Sep 29, 2006.

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    What do you consider to be a reasonable event fee for what type of tournament? I am mostly interested in what you consider to be a reasonable fee for large, decently run tournament, with good reffing?

    Would you prefer a higher initial fee, and a lower fee for the second event?
    or for the two fees to be closer together?
    Do you tend to prefer tournaments that charge registration fee and then an event fee? or not

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    We had this thread some time ago, but I'll participate in this anyway.

    In general, I think that $5-10 is reasonable for self-refereed events, and $10-20 for refereed events. Large events or well-run events can charge more (such as the Pomme de Terre), especially if they come with a guarantee of very good reffing or an equipment check.

    I'd prefer a higher initial fee and a lower one for the second event, but that's just because I fence two weapons. :)

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