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    Mar 23, 2017
    Hello, my name is Alexei Tishko.
    I started fencing in 1995. My coach was MIkhail Tishko.
    Since 1998 till 2011 I played for the Ukraine team epee fencing. During this period I achieved significant results in individual and team events:
    Silver medalist of the world Championship (2001 .Gdansk)
    Golden medalist of team Europe Cup 2005 (Hidenhime)
    Silver medalist of team Europe Cup (2006 Hidenhime)
    Free-times holder Ukranian cup
    Winner and finalist of World Cups different stages

    Over the years in the Ukranian team I was training at my father Mikhael Tishko

    My students are:

    Oleksandr Dymar – medalist of international competitions. Finalist of World Cup stage. Candidate for the Ukrainian national team.

    Olena Tchishahorova – European Champion and silver medalist of the Junior World Championship.
    Thanks for your attention, you can contact with me via email : [email protected] ; [email protected]
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