Dearth of fencing in the summer?

Discussion in 'USA Veteran Fencing' started by Black Widow, Jul 7, 2017.

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    The club I attend in RI has summer hours for both adults and kids and is open late into the evening on most nights, as well. It stays fairly active all year round.
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    Summer might be a good time to get out of your usual routine. For kids, it might be doing a different sport or activity. The American Development Model (a USOC program) recommends that elementary schoolers and young teens not do just one sport year-round. ADM posters from USA Hockey show national team members playing golf or practicing ballet. They also have a great "summer vacation" poster ( with a checklist that is only part hockey.

    For more advanced fencers and adults, summer might be a good time to fence a little with a different weapon. Chatting with a fencer after a recent tournament, he told me that he made it to the final, but lost there. He added (insightfully) that he wasn't as quick to adjust as he needed to be. I replied: "What you need is to spend a week over the holidays fencing saber!" And later I made the suggestion to his coach as well, so the coach would blame me instead of his fencer for the warped idea.
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    Same. Other than a two-week club closing around Summer Nationals, my club's schedule seems largely unchanged through the summer.

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