Battle Born (epee)

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    That was Fun. Well except for the drive. Ten hours in a car at 80-90mph leaves me buzzed without any alcohol. And my efforts the first evening after having just gotten off the road were all losses.

    But hey, the cost was only USD $.07/mile for the 1100 miles. And for a chance to fence Evan Raines, John Varney, and Walter Dragonnetti one right after the other. All right! And Bruno Goosens. Think I got more touches on Dragonnetti, eight, than I did on Goosens. On the second day I walked next door to get an iced drink. On return couldn't believe the scent of 40-50 people sweating it out on the pistes. Physically hit you in the face coming back in. Will do it again but next time will try to remember how much I don't like Casino's for lodging despite the costs.
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    FIFY ;)
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