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Discussion in 'Coaching Corner' started by Littlebugga, May 15, 2018 at 2:28 AM.

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    Hey team.

    New member and first post here...

    I've ran into a sort of soul destroying issue with my fencing.

    Alhough I'm relatively new to the sport I've been picking it up nicely and opposing myself as a threat to most opponents. All down to my trainer.

    But here's the thing. My trainer boggled my mind in the last lesson I attended by completey changing my stance. Where I was before isn't techinaly incorrect nor correct, but comfortable. Giving me room to be agile and space to think. The new stance my trainer has me in is however text book pitch perfect.
    Standing in this perfect way feels awful to me and plays havoc on my fencing. Yes it' correct. But it' just not me. My confidence is struck and I'm not sure what to do.

    Anybody able to feed some advice or kick my butt for some inspiration?

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    Without a great deal more information it's hard to pass judgement, but depending on weapon/style/athleticism/etc, it could be that your previous stance was likely to become limiting. If that's how your coach feels, working to change it may make sense.
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    In other words, the stance you developed naturally opens up some kind of flaw or target that good fencers will consistently exploit. Bad fencers may not be aware or fast enough to take advantage of it, but good fencers will. Alternately, the stance may be limiting your ability to properly execute some blade or footwork actions you have not learned yet. In either case, it's a lot easier and more productive to fix now than to fix later when you're frustrated about not getting your E.

    This is not uncommon with novices.
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    In my first ten years of fencing (foil) I probably changed my on guard 3-4 times (on my own initiative). Sometimes with good results and some times with disastrous results. As my game changed, so did my on guard.

    If your trainer is any good, they will have had a reason for changing this. Perhaps you should ask them?
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    Like Allen Evans, I have changed my stance ( and a bunch of other things ) on my own numerous times in my fencing career. Sometimes it was at the suggestion of a coach, sometimes it was from watching another fencer, sometimes it was something I'd read about.

    In fact, I change stances even today, even in a single bout. I have about 5 different ones. Changing can alter things in subtle ways and sometimes the opponent is not prepared to adjust, or takes a while to adjust to the new paradigm.
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