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Discussion in 'New to Fencing' started by Badfrog88, Aug 15, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    As happens every four years, the Olympics has renewed my interest in Fencing.

    I took a fencing class in college back in 1978. I even bought my own practice foil, mask, jacket and glove. I still have the foil, mask, and glove. I've been an "armchair fencer" ever since, but as time rolled on my interest level would rise and fall in relation to the time between Olympic games.

    I have also had the misfortune to live in locations that didn't have any clubs nearby or active at the time. Such is the case now. I was looking for any nearby fencing clubs on the United States Fencing Association website. The closest one is a two hour drive -one way! That currently is not practical for me to attend, as the practice sessions are on weekday evenings.

    I would really like to get started again as a form of exercise and to help improve my coordination. I would also like to introduce the sport to my nine-year-old daughter. Can anyone here make any recommendations of books or DVD's that would help someone in my situation. I would also be interested in ways I could support the United States Fencing effort.



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