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    Revised rule m.25.3 approved on April 12th 2018 by USA Fencing Bord of Directors to be implemented on June 28th 2018 and August 1st 2018

    I am glad to see that this revision was written and disseminated in a logical manner (not) …however the enforcement for this change might now possibly trickle down to the “Armory Table”?…

    All of the other changes that have required inspection have… because, the referees complain that theses checks take up too much time…therefore they should be checked at control…because there is no time constraint at control and armorers have all the time in the world (ask anyone who has stood on line at an event…they might disagree with you)

    Gloves are a good example…a hole is a hole …is a hole…If it’s large enough to catch a blade or improper closure might cause injury to the fencers hand…NO GOOD!...a miss-weave or discoloration or Pin prick…GOOD! (Saber gloves being the exception…only because of the conductive material of the glove)…I have seen some concerned referees recheck gloves for more than just inspection tags (because they could have been damaged after inspection) using the very complicated technique as follows

    1) Fencer extends gloved hand palm down…(stamp checked…look for holes)
    2) Rotate hand 180 degrees…(check for holes…check Velcro)

    Time allotted 4-5 seconds…not mandatory but wise…by the by (these are the same referees that also have not allowed their combatants to fence with improperly secured masks…our current impending…soon to be decided upon…rule changie nightmare)…This same procedure could have been employed sans tag inspectionbut it takes too much time!...

    At control armorers have all the time in the world (but not if you want your events to start on time) which is why some very nice (and sometimes even qualified) referees often come by to offer help to the overburdened, overstressed armory that has “all the time in the world” to check equipment…

    Sooo…control might now have an additional item to inspect…here is why…the homologation tag… on the current issue it can be easily inspected when the jacket is opened…but this takes time...sometimes I have even noticed that a plastron inspection is not always done prior to the bout by some referees that are “running behind scheduleto save time

    This should not be an issue because the fencer should have had to be checked for a plastron and breast/chest protector (optional for men…compulsory for women…worn below plastron for foil) this requires the combatant to open his or her jacket…however logic seldom plays a large part!!!
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    They are still going to have to check it on the strip since there is nothing preventing them from putting on a chest protector that isn't homologated. There is absolute no reason for the armory table to check this...........
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    Right. We won't check this at the armory table. There is no point in marking it, and having the ref find the mark. They just look for the FIE label and the fencer is good to go.
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