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    These comments may not apply to all situations but thought I would post some hard learned info. Going into Columbus Ohio, I used Agoda to book rooms for 5 days at the Days Inn by the airport. An aside, Columbus is pretty easy to access from the AP. Seventeen minutes by rental car from the AP or hotels around it and parking was $5./day in a couple of lots 3 block walk away from the venue.

    But my initial room at Days Inn was sad. They had put me, an adamant non-smoker, into a smoking room which had two sun facing walls and a bad air conditioner. Following that they put me into a non-smoking room (first floor) but which faced three smoking rooms. The staff would turn off the AC when they cleaned the room which lead to smoke entering the room. My third room in the five days was on the third floor and was acceptable. But on my first night I had given a ride to a colleague who booked a room at the same Days Inn from the AP after we arrived. I helped carry her gear to her room which was much nicer than the one that I was domiciled in. It was in the main structure of the connected buildings whereas I was in building 3. In the process of changing rooms I suggested just giving me the room which she had used for the one night before going downtown. It was then that I learned that people booking over the internet or (apparently) smokers, or who had pets were assigned to building 3.

    I can't say it was only this facility or going through Agoda or what. But there is definitely a hierarchy of who gets what room that I wasn't previously aware of. I had just naively assumed that all the rooms are treated the same. That this facility was well past its prime may have made the selection process more obvious. But I'm not sure how to get this kind of information in future booking(s).
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    treating people who book on the internets as second class citizens in this day and (internets) age is odd at the least, and probably a recipe for going out of business.
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    I suspect that the booking agency that is used is more of an issue rather than just that it was booked on the internet. The hotels probably sign separate booking contracts with each agency and then base their room assignments on how much of a commission the agency requires and/or the volume of bookings that they get from that agency. If Agoda did not allow you to explicitly book a non-smoking room, it makes me suspect that they get a bigger commission for booking a less desirable smoking room and so don't make it an option.

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